Went down the garden early at sunset to record some nature sounds and got amazed by the multitude of wild flowers and grasses and their many colours, and the rich interplay of light with plants covered in dew. It inspired me to film. That moment in the garden gave me peace, I hope that this short will give you also peace and stillness.

Filmed in the garden

Music track: Feld recordings and virtual synth, samples.

This is work in progress. It is the second video born from the collaboration with Alessio Rossato and Italian music composer I met recently in Italy.

We could argue that we were born out of the Earth, or celestial particles. But regardless of whether this is true or not, we definitely still own our very existence to mother Earth, yet we treat her with little regard, walking over it not walking softly on it.
And as we are transforming the surrounding environment using the earth resources to make life apparently easier and more comfortable, we are doing so with little regard not only for the Earth itself but for each other.
Gentrification is transforming London and as London most capital cities and urban centres worldwide, gentrification only being the symptom of a need to feel secure, real, to fill a void that cannot be satisfy by material and wealth accumulation.

This is the first piece out of a new collaboration with Alessio Rossato, an Italian composer I met at the Electro Camp 5 2017 music festival in Mestre Italy.

This video was inspired by one of Alessio’s beautiful music pieces.
The fottage was filmed during one of my frequest visits to Victoria Park, a sanctuary and a place of peace which helped me remain balanced during difficult personal times.
Thank you Alessio for the wonderful music, thank you Victoria Park for being so green and colorful even during cold winter times.