This short documentary attempts to describe both the life of some traders and artists who work in Ridley Road, Dalston, Hackney and their struggle to try to preserve the uniqueness of this old street market from the hands of greedy developers .

It has been an enriching and emotional process to witness the love and passion put in not only by the market sellers and the artists but also the campaigners and the community that constitute the market to keep a real sense of community and prevent it from being undermined by pure monetary interests.

I particularly thank, Bill and Adam Parry-Davies and Tamara Stall for their support without which this documentary would not have been possible to make. I thank also all the market sellers, the artists, Andrej Baku (sound) and other people whose contribution was essential in the making of the documentary.

This is the trailer to the 30 minutes documentary about Ridley Road market, titled “Ridley Road 2020 – A Market Under Threat”, which will be available here soon.

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This project has been supported by One World Media, Grasp the Nettle Films and Vixen Films. The film was premiered at the Doc’n Roll music film festival in London in November 2018. Since then it has been shown at film festivals in New York and Mexico.

Filmmaker: Danny Mitchell
Video Editor: Alfredo Broccolo

Listen to my Song from Conscious Collective on Vimeo.

Tamara Stoll is an artist and photographer who lives and works in Hackney. Her studio is located in the Shopping Village, a building situated kind of mid way down Ridley Road Market. The building hosts a number of shops on the ground level, around 60 artists on the second and third floor as well as storage spaces in the basement to accomodate for traders’ stock.
In this short film, using her newly published book about Ridley Road Market as a guide, Tamara
takes us on a short trip about the history of the market and its people.
She also tells us how this unique place and its history might be about to change in the light of the planned refurbishment of the Shopping Village and other changes to the market which she things might affect in a negative way the market, the traders and the artists who make Ridley Road Market a community where people can feel at home.

Andrew Palmer tells us about his experience of making art at the Shopping Village a building situated at the heart of Ridley Road Market, Dalston, Hackney.
He tells us how the latest changes that the area is undergoing which are related to high real estate prices, speculation and corruption and government underfunding of councils and public house building schemes, are also affecting the market and the Shopping Village, the latter having being earmarked for refurbishment by offshore private investors.
The problem, Andrew explains, is that the Shopping Village not only hosts about 60 artists but also small shops and lots of storage space for some of the street market traders.
If the refurbishment will go ahead with the proposed planning, not only the artists will not have an affordable space anymore but also it is not clear if the traders will have affordable storage space in the basement and affordable shop units on the ground floor of the building.
Andrew think that the refurbishment along with a new set of regulations and higher charges for storage space will set off a series of negative changes that will trigger the beginning of the end of the market as we know it.

The Facelees-Save Ridley Road Market from Alfredo Broccolo on Vimeo.

I made this music video to help spread the word about the threats Ridley Road Market is undergoing and try to change, even if so slightly, the course of events that threatens to gentrify one of the few remaining vibrant, community-like affordable markets in London. The fantastic music and lyrics is by Bill and Adam-Parry Davies.

Ridley Road Market is an Iconic East London Market and hub for diversity. Ridley Road has been home to this market in the heart of Dalston since the end of 1880s with many ethnic groups finding a place to trade and make a living, make friends and feel a sense of community.
The market has “survived” several waves of so called regeneration and now is facing a new and more threatening challenge. Money from paradise countries have bough one of the market’s most important building: The Shopping Village.
The Shopping Village provides small independent traders with vital affordable rent spaces, storage for many market stalls as well as it hosts around 60 art studios where artists can express themselves without having to go full commercial and loose their unique identity and work style in order to pay rent.

Filmmaking by Alfredo Broccolo
Music and words: Bill and Adam Parry-Davies
Photos by Tamara Still
Additional Footage by Winstan Witter and Romain Beck


It is Leigh’s very last day working on Ridley Road Market.

She began her journey when she was five selling cauliflowers with her grandmother. She is the last generation in a long line of market sellers on the market.

However Ridley Road has changed over the years and Leigh no longer feels this is her calling in life.

Leigh gives us an emotional account of her life on the market and paints a vivid picture of Ridley Road over the years. It is still an important place of belonging for so many people and is a strong hub for the local community. However the recent threat of closing the large indoor market has made Leigh worry about it’s future. This story of Ridley Road Market is a microcosm of what’s happening around the world as community life is threatened by profit driven agendas.

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