As Galvin’s Chance celebrates 10 years of helping young people into work, we share our candidates experiences as from starting the programme and completing work placements to achieving permanent jobs. Founders Chris Galvin and Fred Sirieix share their proudest moments and how the into-work programme benefits both young people and the hospitality industry.

Role: Filmaker

This video highlights the important work that the DMTFYP foundation does to help fundraising for institutions that support young people and their family who living a better life
Role: Filmmaker

Promotional short film for Roots Retold
Role: Filmmaker

This is a promotional video which aims to help describe in a nutshell Magic Bus’s work.
Role: Filmmaker

Tree Shepherd promo video from Alfredo Broccolo on Vimeo.

This is a promotional video which aims to help describe in a nutshell Tree Shepherd’s work.
Role: Filmmaker

Below are some of the videos I worked on while working and Living in East Africa.

The first video below is module 1 out of the 5 SmartFish training videos I worked on while living in Kenya. I coordinated the editing of these videos, worked on scripting, and participated to the filming and editing and recording of the voice over in 5 languages, as the videos are used throughout Africa.
The videos are part of the SmartFish video training package on good fish handling processing and cooking for fish operators and consumers . SmartFish Programme is a regional fisheries Programme managed by the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) and co-implemented by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Click the link below to view ALL VIDEOS that are part of the  UN FAO’s SmartFish video-training package. :



Below are more examples of videos I have worked on while working in East Africa.

This video was produced by Cultural Video Foundation and CISP Malindi in Partnership with The Kenyan Government Children’s department, for the Children Protection Centre in Malindi to raise awareness about the challenges young girls face when sexually abused and often forced to marry at an early age. My role in the making of this documentary was script adaptation, filming, editing and sound design

This is a video about a microcredit and empowerment project run by and Italian NGO with beneficiaries located in different parts of Nairobi and the East coast of Kenya. I scripted, filmed edited and composed some of the electronic sounds used in the video. This is not the final master but a previous version and unfortunately there are some little mistake that were afterwords corrected.

This Video documentary was filmed in Kenya for VSO Kenya. Thought as a trip around the country, it describes VSO Jitolee’s Improved Sustainable Livelihoods Project, an initiative part-founded by the European Union and the microcredit organisation Karen. The projects provide women who are excluded from mainstream financing with micro-credit and capacity building programes. The projects visited were five: in Nairobi; Lukore on the east coast bordering Tanzani; Bombolulu and Kilifi near Mombasa, and one in the Laikipia discrict. My role in the making of this documentary was: filming, editing, sound design and sound compositin and Graphic Art work.